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We fight for women’s rights in Northern Ireland.

Women’s Platform works to achieve gender equality and gender parity for women and girls in Northern Ireland

We are
Women’s Platform

Women’s Platform connects the women’s sector in Northern Ireland to international networks and human rights mechanisms. Our role is to amplify the voices of women and girls in Northern Ireland at the international level, including at the UN. Locally, we build capacity on international human rights standards to help women and girls in Northern Ireland achieve equality, diversity and full participation in decision making.

Our Purpose

It's our story and yours

Women’s Platform is a feminist membership organisation working to achieve gender equality for women and girls in Northern Ireland and make their voices heard in Northern Ireland heard at national and international level.

Our vision is of a Northern Ireland where women and girls, in all our diversity, can live our lives as we choose, in safety and with dignity, free from misogynistic and patriarchal pressures and stereotypes, and supported by policies that meet our needs.

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End February newsletter now available

Our latest newsletter is now available here.

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IWD24 event: What do we want from the UN?

The UN has been in the headlines a lot recently, but it can seem remote, and hard to understand. This event will look at how the UN works, and explore how engaging the UN can help improve the lives of women in Northern Ireland. It will also hear from people who have taken part in UN events, who will share their thoughts on how participation can benefit work in Northern Ireland.

We’re also keen to explore what support women and organisations in Northern Ireland need to get a better understanding of the UN. Women’s Platform works to act as the link between the sector and international networks, and we want to develop our capacity building and other support in line with what works best for local people and organisations.

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Our International Networks

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