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We fight for women’s rights in Northern Ireland.

Women’s Platform works to achieve gender equality and gender parity for women and girls in Northern Ireland

We are
Women’s Platform

Women’s Platform connects the women’s sector in Northern Ireland to international networks and human rights mechanisms. Our role is to amplify the voices of women and girls in Northern Ireland at the international level, including at the UN. Locally, we build capacity on international human rights standards to help women and girls in Northern Ireland achieve equality, diversity and full participation in decision making.

Our Purpose

It's our story and yours

Women’s Platform is a feminist membership organisation working to achieve gender equality for women and girls in Northern Ireland and make their voices heard in Northern Ireland heard at national and international level.

Our vision is of a Northern Ireland where women and girls, in all our diversity, can live our lives as we choose, in safety and with dignity, free from misogynistic and patriarchal pressures and stereotypes, and supported by policies that meet our needs.

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A Women’s Vision for Northern Ireland

Today Women’s Platform launched A Women’s Vision for Northern Ireland, the culmination of over a year of work with grassroots women and girls across Northern Ireland. The Vision highlights the key values and priority areas for action that women feel would create a Northern Ireland that works for women, and is intended to push forward discussion on how women can meaningfully be included and heard in decision making at all levels.

This project was designed to give women and girls in Northern Ireland a space to explore their ideas and priorities for a region that genuinely supports women and girls. It started out as a way to mark the 20th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325, and developed as a mechanism for women to express their priorities. Over 80 women and girls from across Northern Ireland took part in the project and the Vision is dedicated to them all.
The same key themes came up across groups, and show that there are key shared priorities for women across Northern Ireland. The Vision highlights values of equality, inclusivity, diversity and accountability, and priorities for action include a stronger voice for women, a society centred around care, inclusive and accessible services, and respect for all.
The Vision is available below, along with a project report. There are also two podcasts that reflect on the project, its findings and how this work can be taken forward. The podcasts include comments from project participants as well, and will be shared widely as one way to showcase the priorities of women and girls in Northern Ireland.
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January 27 newsletter

Our latest newsletter is now available here.

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